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Topic of the day - Maths while on the road

11 months 1 week ago #974 by Paddy Delaney
It is a seamless process to gather StewVille links as all anyone has to do is share links to sites, promotional offers, items listed on the S2T directory (including sharing links to Affiiate listings) and when they respond by viewing and registering to ask a question (irrespective as to whether they buy anything) - a first level link is established on StewVille,

If I am a business and have set up an S2T Store (and better still a POS) - every invoice/transaction to a new member sets up a first level StewVille link.

It does come down to fees generated from transactions/engagement on the site and have Affilitate arrangements is a good buffer but having Applications that create lots of transactions every second 24/7 is what counts
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11 months 1 week ago - 11 months 1 week ago #973 by Paddy Delaney
Helping Grant move home this week I was 8 hours on the road (500 miles) driving trucks and passed the time and keeping myself awake by doing some mathematics.

This is what I thought of.

Every Member is automatically place in 10 NumberVille tables (10 currencies) and receives contributions on a rotational cycle from 132 contributors per table = 1320. As to how often a contribution is made from each contributing number depends entirely on how many NumberVille tables the contributor benefits from, and frequency in transactions/interactions leading to the generation of a fee/revenue for distribution. The number of fee/revenue generation transactions/interactions will increase as we ad more Applications to the Platform and how mainstream or entrenched our eco-system becomes as the place Members engage/interact and transact on the platform.

We have no probate evidence to know how many Frega Account Holders will upgrade to become Plegees and double their contributing tables. In terms of the exercise let us assume 50% subscribe to the Plan.

When contributions flow up a NumberVille table they flow up 6 levels and if there are no 'numbers' left, as the funds flow up, they follow the eMail (StewVille path).

So assume I have joined the Plan I will benefit from having 20 NumberVille tables = 132 x 20 = 2640 contributing numbers.

Let me assume I have 5 Frega Activate Stewvile level one members, and 50% of them commit to the Plan, I will receive te benefit, being on StewVille level above them and benefit from contributions from the first 5 levels of numbers in their contributing tables. As per the table embedde here this will be 5 (StewVille) x 15 (average number tables) x 132 (number per table) x 5 levels deep = 49 500 contributing numbers.

If we assume that 5 Stewville links secure 5 Stewville links as well and this continues for 5 levels and 50% contrinue to subscribe to the Plan, the final number of contributing links will exceed 12 milliion.

As to what this will do in terms of bottom line revenues, we have no idea at this stage but with thios number of contributing links it will be an interesting regular flow of money.

What we can predict is that whatever the level of income will be it will be sufficient to motivate an increasing number of people to accept that this is working and should be taken seriously and it will motivate an increasing number of people to use the portal to buy what they are already buying from Affiliate sites, start listing their items on our portal, invest in syndications, subscribe to the Plan etc.

Interesting to see what our other mathematicians think
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